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Question about ceramic capacitor 104

hello guys,

i need please to know the confirmation about these information that i got from google and it's that :

the ceramic capacitor (orange) 104 is : 50V and it is 104pF

are these infromation right ?

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yes but i mean the name of that capacitor i described ?

and what's the difference between that one the orange and the green ?

You said it was a ceramic capacitor. That's it.

Colour doesn't mean anything. You are panicing over nothing. 

ok great so it doesnt matter the shape or the color

Shape and, to some degree, color can help you determine what kind of capacitor you have.


That link has some good general info about the different kinds of caps you might encounter as well.

great website and info i saved it !! tanks man ;)

Write down 10, then add 4 zeros, (multiplier), then move your decimal 6 places to the left and that gives you your value in microfarads.

ok great so how can i know what is that capacitor which described because i searched a lot i found the pictures but couldn't find its real name any idea ?

I think you are over-thinking the problem. You've already been told that you need a 100nF (10,000pF) ceramic capacitor. Unless your project is operating at high voltage then you don't need to worry about anything else. The capacitance value is the main thing.


The ceramic capacitors can come in more than 1 package and colour but still work the same.

There are basically 2 types.

The ceramic disc (usually an orange colour) which is the larger of the 2 types and often seen in radios.
The monolithic ceramic is a small blob shape. These are smaller and often seen in digital electronics.

Both of them are typically rated for a maximum voltage of 50V and both have the same capacitance (assuming 104 is stamped on both of them).

The Monolithic Ceramic capacitor tends to have a lower ESR value and is prefered for switchmode power supplies.

All ceramic capacitors are non-polarized. There is no positive or negative terminal.


thank you :) but i have seen that link didn't help

i am talking about the circular ceramic 104 orange capacitor is it the same as the green rectangular one ?

104 = 0,1µF = 100nF Take a good look at this: http://www.csgnetwork.com/capcodeinfo.html