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Huge fully automated Lego train layout

Make sure that trains don't crash into each other and stop at stations

I've built a huge Lego train layout which is fully automated by a few Arduino's. The passenger trains ride around and after a while they stop at the station. The freight trains intersect with the track of a passenger train. A section of the track of the freight trains can be powered down: if the passenger train passes the intersection, the freight trains will stop. The trains use PWM signals to start and stop. For starting it is actually needed: otherwise the locomotive will disconnect from the wagons and drive away by itself. I've used four analog distance sensors to detect where the trains are. Since I had some Arduino's laying around, I was lazy and used three of them. That way I didn't really have to worry about race-conditions.

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More if the trains crashed!


Good Job.

How about I post a video of all the crashes that have occurred before I had the whole thing up and running? :P

I see a failure in theme here... why aren't the trains carrying beer kegs? :P

You my friend, have come up with an awesome idea.... Love it. 

Thanks for all the comments! I'm thinking about a version 2.0, with automated trackswitches and some extra trains. The problem is: I don't have much extra space in my living room to build it! This already took me almost 2 days to set it up, make a video and put it all away again. Maybe I need to buy a bigger house with a bigger living room ;)