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using multiple MaxSonars


i'm reading this article regarding using multiple max sonar: http://www.maxbotix.com/articles/031.htm

It basically states that multiple max sonars can interfere with each other and goes on to describe how to essentially daisy chain them and take sequential readings.

My question is this...what if i am using two of these for corner detection such that they are facing away from each other or are pointing criss cross (i.e. the one on the left corner is pointing 45 degrees to the right and the one on the right corner is pointing 45% to the left).  In this configuration, it doesn't seem as though they will interfere w/ each other...correct?


the other question i have is that if do have to daisy chain and take sequential readings...can that be done using PWM and if so are there any code samples that show how you would take readings while daisy chained?


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For my LMR LogoBot, I have used 2 Maxbotix sensor in continous loop mode. That works very well with analog inputs. Not sure if it will work with pulse input. Don't know if I will find the Arduino code, but it wasn't very difficult to code.