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DROYO The Home Made Robot

Moves,Sense (obstacle detect ,Magnetic,AcceleroSense ,Temp,Light , Anything can be added with out coding...),Act,Video Streaming,Talk ,.........Anything

Droyo Robot

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DROYO is a Smartphone controlled robot with its head on cloud (80% of the head!) ,simply 80% its brain is formed by a group of computers on network/internet, ie; poweful remote computer(s) thinks for Droyo which has a better perfomance than traditional Inbuilt-Head Model, DROYO Can be controlled any where from the world (exception if internet is unavailable at least for your mobile!). This is done as a part of B.E.Computer Science and Engineering Curriculum Project.

Project Team (all from KERALA , India) Includes:
Syan S.P, Akhil Dev L.S, Jibi Chandran, Jineesh A.S

More at here : http://www.drozoids.tk/



DROYO can be turned into Indoor Robot by just Switching it to Wi-Fi from 3G/2G

DROYO is a multi-utility robot that can be highly  customizable as simply as “plug and play” , just  plug on your sensor /device to the robot , configure easily  through the smart  user Interface at the “remote device” using few clicks , that’s all!, the device is ready to play!, by “remote device” we mean a device which at least support a browser and Wi-Fi/3G – can be a palm device or a desk

Features Of DROYO:

(i)                Smartphone as a control unit - robust control, working range as large as the coverage area of the service provider, no interference with other controllers, secured data exchange of GSM  etc..

(ii)             Cloud as a brain -  they are not really “meat brains” !, make the possibility of acquiring new skills by  Downloading from cloud!

(iii)           Many more to say , More at here : http://www.drozoids.tk/


Something that I likes (anything here can be seen by user)

(i)              The “DROYO” can be moved in all four directions (L,R,F,B),

(ii)           “DROYO” has a Light Sensor , cloud servers makes the Headlight of the DROYO “ON/OFF” according to presence of darkness / lightness respectively.it can also be controlled by user

(iii)        “DROYO” has an Obstacle Sensor , If Obstacle is detected DROYO Moves back as a “kitty-cat”

(iv)         The Most Liked Feature of “DROYO” is it really “TALKS !” many languages

(v)            The Most Enthusiastic feature of “DROYO” is its Live Eye,
the user can see from his remote device (Desk/Lap) , what is in front of DROYO , simply what “DROYO” sees, it’s a Live HD Streaming!

    “Our External Invigilators Comment on this”: It’s Like a game!, Seeing Ops and Riding!

(vi)         “DROYO” has Temperature Sensor that measures  the Temperature  of the Environment

(vii)      “DROYO” uses all the sensors from Smart Phone including (gyroscope, Magnetic field Sensor, Accelerometer) (can be upgraded by the user using a new high edge smartphone) 

                (viii)   New actuator / Sensors can be connected without additional programming , it only required simple clicks at users remote device