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Arduino <--> PC wireless communication: Hardware options?!

Hi Guys!

I think i fancy adding some wireless control to my little rover bot thing.

I fancy using an Xbox controller perhaps, or an old PC controller. I also might want to have the bot transmit some data back to the computer perhaps? therefore, I think running through a PC make the most sense.

What are my options for hardware. What are the advantages and dis advantages?

Bluetooth seems the most obvious, but i image the range is pretty poor?

WLAN looks like it has better range, but surely this would be much more complicated?

Or can i buy a Shield, and paired USB dongle for the computer?

Any offers of advice/reccomendations/experiences?

Cheers :)  Olly

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Thats really helpful, thanks. Your description puts a whole lot of information i have seen all over the place, into one coherent description, which is much easier to understand. I have used serial comms on my DrawingBot quite a lot, so shouldnt have a problem there. my draw bot just sends and recieves in ASCII, and uses the standard instructions that ascii already uses. I could make up my own protocol for whatever i was doing, using a pre set "format" to transmit the data i wanted.


Start, X( For axis, forward and backward), a 0-9 value, Y, (for axis, left right), a value 0-9, End.

or similar

I am dual booting Ubuntu/Windows, but only tend to use windows for Steam.

I have an Xbox Controller output reading program already, so dont anticipate that being too difficult.

For "desktop" use, i might just get a bluetooth shield, and then worry about expanding it once ive learnt the basics!

I also have a "spare" rooted arduino phone knocking around, so that could be useful. (currently use a windows Lumia)