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simulator steering wheel !! question

hello guys,

i see some videos about people building a formula 1 steering wheel and then playing with it for a racing game so i need to know how the interface is made with that game ?! as i see they build their own circuits for the wheel

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All this searching and at no point did the phrase "keyboard emulator" cross your path? Keyboard emulator? You never saw the words, "keyboard emulator"?

Would you like me to seach "keyboard emulator" for you and post the good links?

I can --I am a good searcher. I could search "keyboard emulator" for you if you would like.

actully i never heard keyboard emulator, i know "emulator" i know that it is like an engine to play games on PC like sega games or super mario ...

thanks a lot i will search for it

I typed "build a steering wheel game controller" into google and got 1,300,000 results.  Do you really mean to tell me that is not enough?  What, exactly, are you expecting?

i typed how to build a Formula 1 steering wheel

the results change when u change one world :|

The picture of the troll was a hint.  The question was a test.  You failed.  In ten days you have posted ten questions, all of them more alike than different.  Several people have tried to help you, but you simply argue and make excuses why their help won't work for you.  You NEVER provide any details, or answer any questions.  You always end a thread by saying you will research it more, but then you are back with a variation of the same question a day or so later, with still no details.  These are all the hallmarks of a troll.  You don't want help.  You want to disrupt a great community of people who enjoy helping each other learn and progress.  We have a very tolerant community here on LMR.  I can't speak for anyone else, especially not officially for LMR, but I certainly don't want trolls around here.  I am marking you as a spammer.

And by the way, the words you listed, "how to build a Formula 1 steering wheel", got 15 million hits.

actully i am really sorry, i am new to this world which i like, i am working and searching about stuff maybe what i asked was so advanced so i won't ask anything from now on untill i finish all the basics and do my first project

so thanks for everyone and sorry again


Rereading your question. are you just asking how to connect the wheel to a game running on a computer? If so, buy a USB wheel, solved.


Most racing games on PC support USB gamepads. You can buy steering wheels which connect via USB. You can buy ones mocked up after a formula 1 wheel. A USB steering wheel is essentially a gamepad in a different shape, computer doesnt tell the difference. Would take less than 5 minutes on google to locate one and and order it.

no no i have one !! what i am asking is how to make the connection from 0, it means building one from scratch !! u enjoy the thing u create more than just go and buy one :)