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what should i do to learn?

good morning everyone

i am intersted in this hobby i am really but the proplem is where to learn?

how can i learn stuff about recording voice playing mp3 sound throught my robot?

i really would appreciate your help

thats all!

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I just went to Google and typed "pic16f877a MP3"...

Actually, I got as far as "pic16f877a MP..." before the autofill gave me two choices;

  • pic16f877a MP3
  • pic16f877a MP3 tutorial


I recommend you check out this site....


Chris the Carpenter calls it "The Googles" but most people just call it "Google."


In all seriousness, this post is handwritten for you...

What to do when you have a project idea but don't know where to start

Since you already have a microcontroller you can skip to Step #2 and apply that methodology to your problem. 


To show I'm a good sport I provide you this link which I got from a page found by following Step #2:


edit - Note how it says:

BEGINNERS BEWARE! This is an upper-intermediate project. You will need things like a PIC programming device and some working knowlege of C and/or assembly language programming, as well as a decent but not huge amount of electronics experience. An oscilloscope doesn’t hurt either. Be warned! It’s an involved project to say the least!

Sometimes people save the audio files to an EEPROM. Searching for "pic16f877a audio eeprom" yields...



These should get you started.


If you want to learn to play audio from a microcontroller that you are already using in your robot without using a shield, it would help to know what kind of microcontroller that is.

its pic16f877a

If you can't find it here, you can check Adafruit, Sparkfun, or the Arduino.cc website (if you're using Arduino) for info on parts you want to use.


Couldn't find an MP3 shield at Adafruit, but here's info on their .WAV shield:



Sparkfun MP3 shield:



You might get some more help if you tell us a little more about the hardware you plan to use in your project.

i am not talking about shields i am talking about reading the file and playing it manually with the mcu

Then it's time you start reading the datasheets of the MP3 player IC's. No one is going to read them for you.

i dont need anybody to do i want a good datasheet with good explanaition on how to use and i will do the rest if you have please post it for me

Are you a small child because you behave like one. We are not your mommy and daddy. Search for the datasheets yourself, read them! 

It's not obvious to everyone because most websites have an inline search on every page, but type your question into e search box at this page:


Google should be able to decipher your needs and return several resources fom LMR, no matter what kind of robot you've built.