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Arduino Mechanical Resistor Color Code Calculator


Hello Members of LMR. I'm back with a new project, it's not a robot but is a really neat learning tool that every Electronic Engineer or student will love to have. This is a Mechanical resistor color code calculator. It has (4) small stepper motors with driver boards from yourduino.com , (2) Arduino UNO on a bread board and (4) 10K potentiometers. As you turn the potentiometers, the stepper motors rotate displaying a color and a value at the same time, thus showing the unknown resistor value and color code.


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i really like this...


I really like this.  It is a cool project.  I'm not sold on practicality, but who cares.  But it is a lot cooler than this:

Radio Shack Resistor Calculator

ive got one of those myself (my little bro worked for tandy when it went backrupt and gave me a whole bunch of stuff - which i'm REALLY reliant on right now)

tho i must say - mines a lot cleaner