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Controlling 48 V motor

I wanna control 6 motors of 48V through arduino, How can I controll them??

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you look at trying to get 3 of these. http://www.dimensionengineering.com/products/sabertooth2x50hv

I am getting pretty damn sick of these questions.

I.e. "I have a 'thing' and I want to make it 'go', now tell me everything"


I'm sorry for such post because I was in hurry. So here are details and I think I have almost solved this problem!
Motors are of 48V and it's stalling current is less then 1A, almost 0.6A,0.7A. I have h-bridge. And I am giving driving voltage of 48V through H-bridge to run motor. Now I think I just have to connect PWM pin with arduino PWM pin.
Once again sorry for confusing post!