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Controlling 48 V motor

I wanna control 6 motors of 48V through arduino, How can I controll them??

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You can control 6 motors at 48V each from an Arduino by making friends with an internet search engine such as Google or Yahoo. Then you must study the datasheets of every device that meets your requirements - the same as everyone else.

I'm sorry for such post because I was in hurry. So here are details and I think I have almost solved this problem!
Motors are of 48V and it's stalling current is less then 1A, almost 0.6A,0.7A. I have h-bridge. And I am giving driving voltage of 48V through H-bridge to run motor. Now I think I just have to connect PWM pin with arduino PWM pin.
Once again sorry for confusing post! 

I am getting pretty damn sick of these questions.

I.e. "I have a 'thing' and I want to make it 'go', now tell me everything"


Geek reference! Pakled_transport_bridge.jpg

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"He is smart."


You're the best, Max.


Yes, I've noticed a recent uptick in the "remarkably unspecific questions" count. I've tried to reason why people just don't type their questions into Google because it always comes up with appropriate results. I can only assume the treasure trove-like base of knowledge here is seen as a sort of "Robogoogle" where you put in a question and an answer with a picture of a little face next to it will pop up in a short amount of time. 

Somewhat nonsensical? Yes.

Somewhat complimentary? I would like to see it like that :)


As to not go too off topic: You will need to find motor drivers that are appropriate to your 48V motors. Voltage is not the only consideration but the amperage that the motors use as well. Try to find the rated current spec for them. Then compare them to differnt motor drivers.

I also think you should start by looking at the Sabertooth motor drivers. There are less expensive ones that handle less amps if you find the 50A version is overkill for your application.

Another popular driver is the Open Source Motor Controller aka OSMC. You should take a look at that as well.

The OSMC only goes to 24? 28? Volts. Most of the the Sabertooth controllers were only good to 33+Volts. The 2x50HV was the only one that would say it could handle higher voltages. The only other high voltage controllers I was running across were for electric vehicles; scooters and the like.

I forgot, that's why I started looking at the Sabertooths myself. How could I forget LOL Oh, how the flabber is gasted.

you look at trying to get 3 of these. http://www.dimensionengineering.com/products/sabertooth2x50hv