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BoB's and filament

I love the invasion of the BoBs! Like a herd of little boxy Android droids. Although I don't have a 3D printer I was wondering how much filament was used to make one of those guys. More that I was interested in the cost involved as to have a better idea on how much to offer someone to make a BoB for me.

Sorry if it's mentioned in a post somewhere, I didn't see it.

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JAX, the package is on its way! :)

Hey Jax, if you do not mind ABS and minor defects, I could print you a set for free. I have red, yellow and blue luminiscent (glows in the dark) filaments.

That's what I call a nice community. Isotope you will receive the award of "Super LMR Member" for that nice gesture :-)

Free? In blue? AND it's glowing blue??? You don't have to ask twice... yes, please! If it's ABS or PLA makes no difference to me. Small imperfections will add character :D

I am a big fan of reciprocation. I will look around for something I can send you that shows my gratitude.

Thanks a google!


Cool, blue then. It glows after light exposure, but not very light, you know how those things work. send me your address via contact form. Also I cannot promise the timing, it can get dispatched tomorrow or in two weeks :-) as I am "on shift" at the moment :-):-)

Speed is not of the essence. Any time is a good time :)

slic3r spit out a 3mm filament length of about 12 to 13m. My layer height was .2 or .25mm. All said and done really no different from what lumi came up with. Like he mentioned, it is a LONG print especially when you lay everything out in one plate. I wish I could show my print off. Too bad my dimensions are off, and, the servos won't fit. :P

** I thought after typing this. You can download the stl files and you can get a copy of any of the free slicing programs. As long as you have an idea about what settings to use you can get an idea about how much plastic will be used.

You might be able to "cheat" and get shapeways to print a BoB for you. :D

Only from lumi doing the hard work did I know that you could get these kind of figures from the slicing program :sheepish look: I thought you'd have to weigh your spool pre-printing and then after printing, or measure lengths of filament... real caveman style measuring. Ah, technology :)

This is also the first time I've heard of shapeways, thanks. Looks like a useful service for the printerless like myself.

3dp is great for one-offs, but if you're planning on multiples then injection molding or vacuum forming are probably going to make way more sense when you get more than a few orders, won't they? Still, if you just want someone to make a single for you it probably makes sense to have someone who's already done a Bob to print one to use the benefit of their experience-chances are that will lessen the chances of a mis-print. After all, Kevin didn't have a 3d printer when he had the first Bob made-FrankNeon printed it for him 2/3 of a country away!

Which just proves how awesome LMR is!

Could be a business is selling bob kits