Let's Make Robots!

Arduino Micro + Lego

Avoid hitting objects and eventually remote controlled with bluetooth


After a bit of research, I finially have two fully working sketches.  One is for autonomous mode using dual ultrasonic SR04 modules and the motors are running straight from a L293D and 6 volts worth of double A's.  I did manage to get speed control, but not really sure how it is working since the pinout is not addressed as a voltage and it doesn not appear to be PWM...but it is good enough to match speed on both of the old spybotic motors.

The second sketch is bluetooth through the BT2s module and BlueTerm using u/d/l/r for direction commands. 

My next task will be to integrate the two sketches so it will run either mode.


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...how posting a negative comment helps to elevate the robot building experience? Nobody is doing anything magical here. Each project is a rehash of previously designed robot projects. No disrespect intended! Let the kid build and document his robot as he pleases...
Way to go Oddbot. Why is it that so many in the Arduino world tend to go out of their way making others feel welcome? I thought this place was different to the Arduino.cc forum but .......nup......I was wrong.
Taking into account the fact that Lego mechanics and pneumatics are still toys, you can't expect much improvement to this design. Sure you can imagine a powerful LEGO franchise taking this to the next step, but if you are going to use powerful mechanics/pneumatics, there's no reason to use Lego bricks to build the frame.
Considering my experience with lego, I would not be surprised if he did find a way to integrate it into bigger projects. Personally though, I like this one, gotta love those treads!