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how to program an esc

I am not knowing how to use a  picaxe28x1 to control the speed of an esc .I have seen the post of tomda888 regarding this which was no use to me. I have the following questions:-

1) how to attach the esc to the brushless motors?

2) where to attach the esc to picaxe 28x1?

3) what is the program to be entered?



any help will be appreciated

Thank You


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 You stated in the shout box you now have the manual, so the battery wiring and the motor wiring should easy for you its well shown in the manuals basile was kind enough to link. In the shout box you stated you will run the picaxe off its own battery thats fine, but this esc also provides a 5.25 or 6v power supply you could also use if you only wanted 1 battery I would test this output and adjust voltage to less than 5v, a zener might work. This power supply would be the red and black wire in the 3 wire cable containing red black and white wires shown going to receiver. If you use 2 batts the grounds should be tied together. The white wire in this bundle is your signal wire to esc, I would put a resistor between esc and picaxe 330 ohm perhaps. With a picaxe often you can use the servo command to control the esc. You can try the following I have not yet tested it, it uses output 5 on 28x1, it works in simulator. Test all voltage values so you don't make blue smoke.

 Hopefully the smart peeps will come along and correct me.


servopos 6, 150 ' set esc

pause 3000 'wait 3 seconds

servopos 6, 200 ' spin a direction

pause 3000 'wait 3 seconds

servopos 6, 75 ' spin full the other direction



manual http://www.alabazar.com/support/Turnigy_AE-ESC_45+_Manual.pdf

model turnigy ae  45a brushless esc

More info obtained from robot king throught the shoutbox.

The ESC is a Turnigy AE-45A Brushless ESC.
The manual can be found here. Cleaner version here.


A lot will depend on which ESC you are using so:

  1. read it's instruction manual
  2.  if you still can't work it out post a link to the instruction manual so we can read it
  3. when in doubt refer to step 1

1) Pretty much like OddBot said. Regardless it's pretty obvious even without... brushless motor has 3 connecting ends.... haven't you noticed.

2) Short answer: you'll have to connect the signal cable to a free pin. (plus remember (learn?) always have a common ground). Overall suspicion is that you need to learn more basics on microcontroller input/outputs.

3) The "program to be entered" will depend on which ESC you're using. Be warned, it can be either very easy or somewhat convoluted. Again you need to refer to the ESC manual to see how it is armed/calibrated using a TX/RX setup and then convert that into instructions. In parallel you might need to do some research to understand how ESCs work.

Additionaly you can refer to http://letsmakerobots.com/node/35684 to get some insight.