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COSMA - Update 1

In the meantime I named the robot astronaut Cosma, a maiden name, ancient Greek for Cosmos. Below you'll find a more specific design study. I think I will 3-D print the main body and the head. I've furthermore tested a FSR (force sensing resistor) as a kind of pain receptor and the ArduEye.

Fig. 1 Silicone elastomer based skin with FSR array as pain receptors

Fig. 2/3 Neck rotation

Fig. 4 Head rotation

Fig. 5 Arduino Mega connected to ArduEye

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Nearly. I plan to integrate all on one board, including the ATmega. The two microphones need amplifiers to feed into analog inputs of the MCU. And we have a temperature sensor: DS18B20. Depending on the number of FSR's we might run out of analog input pins and need an according solution for that. To lay out such a board and populate it, will be a big work. I'll work on that after everything is running with the breakouts.

Please post your results with the RTC and thanks for the support :)

Interesting demonstration. Does the force sensor also sense more levels, light pain, strong pain, hellish pain...

Also I want to ask, do you plan to make the robot independent from the rockets system in case of an emergency eject? In case of a rocket failure you could eject the robot with the collected data.


Yes, different pain levels and time depending. For very short pain exposure, the robot just says "Ow" in the demo. If the pain lasts longer, the robot outputs the pain level:

- "I feel pain"

- "I feel strong pain"

- "I feel very strong pain"

The robot is independed from other rocket sub systems, but it's not possible to eject the robot from the capsule (nose cone).

I see. The pain level is just the length of time the pressure got supplied?

Not possible means the nose cone can not be changed? Or separate the whole nose cone with the payload? Poor robot, in case of an emergency he is trapped there...

No. Pain level judgement starts if a certain time out is reached. Otherwise the robot just says "Ow" if the pain threshold is reached. The FSR is very similar to a LDR. The more force, the less resistance. The less resistance, the more pain :)

The nose cone will be seperated from the rest of the rocket and re-enter Earth via parachute. There is no way to escape from the nose cone itself in case the parachute (actually there are two parachutes) not opens.