Let's Make Robots!

Starting SuperDroidBot Blog

So much is happening so fast, I'm starting this blog to document what is going on with the bot, so I can look back on my thoughts from time to time and see how they developed.  Others are more than welcome to participate!  I'll start by throwing in a diagram and some fun video!


The boxes in gray either don't exist or are turned off.  I find a do a better job with a little planning first!  The boxes with the asterisks are running on the Android.  Hoping to turn the ThermalArraySvc into a white box soon!

Yesterday I worked on the SMS service to remote control the bot via text messages.  The text messages are run through the language routines, evaluated for presence of words in a dictionary of robot nouns, verbs, etc., and then executed.  User must authenticate first with a text message containing the "login" or "logon" verbs, the robots name, and a valid password.  Once through this, the user can issue text commands as if they were speaking to the bot.  Anything the bot says will be routed back to the text user.  If the bot is operating in stealth mode, the bot will not speak, but will rout its speech back to the text user.  This is a home security feature, the bot can be asked to look around, take pictures and answer questions without making excessive noise by talking.  This is all working as of today.

Right now, it mostly involves things like "How are you feeling?", where the bot tells it emotional state and degree of that state...answers come back like "I'm a little bit bored." for example.  The bot can be asked to look in particular directions or compass bearings, drive in particular directions or compass bearings, scan, fire, scan and automatically fire, etc.  I'll try to publish a dictionary of commands and syntax at some point.

Today I worked on getting a "Gun Camera" feature and a MediaService whereby the bot can and by default does capture and store to a server an image synchronized with the firing of the laser.  This routine will call a web service asynchronously from the Android phone to a .NET web service and store the image.  I had the web service infrastructure written months ago for another project, so it wasn't hard to adapt it to my robot project.  The gun camera feature will also text a user (if currently logged on through text) the image just captured.  

In the pic below, the lines are the lasers and the red shapes are the contours that OpenCV is currently looking at.  This will help me automatically document the happenings of the bot and correct for aiming errors, and opencv, by having a record of all laser firings.  As you can see, I wear my sunglasses as night...cause if I don't, the bot might blind me!

Gun Camera Photo












That's all for today.  It's late and I'm tired!  I should get me Thermal Array Sensor in the mail tomorrow or the next day.  I can't wait!