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Customizing BoB with little modules

So I am sure all of you are now aware of who BoB is. Recently K12 and I have been talking about getting some BoB instructional videos up on YouTube to further make his construction easier and introduce him to non LMRians. Through this due process we have exchanged code, pictures of BoB and other extraneous things. K12 kindly gave me the Solidworks files for BoB and asked that I make some 'attachments' for him.

DISCLAMER: I have never used a 3D printer, seen what a 3D printer can do, or know how to make models that are printable. All of the below are non-tested and probably won't work.

To be honest the first thing that came into my head when I thought of attachments was LEGO. By making BoB LEGO compatible the user could add whatever they wanted too, adding more personal flair and setting their BoB out from the rest. And so this model was made:

The top of BoB's head is completely LEGO compatible and has been made to some blueprints I found for a LEGO block on the net. I thought this would be a good way of trying to get kids more involved in the construction process.


After this I thought of what else I could do, making BoB LEGO compatible just seemed a little lazy, so I went about thinking what would add more personality to BoB. Thinking about BoB and how popular he has become I began to wonder if he liked all that attention, perhaps he is a shy robot. How would you feel being a shy robot getting your picture posted all over the interwebs! But how to combat such privacy concerns?...Simple! You wear a disguise!

I liked the idea of this however I thought it would be impossible to print. Plus what if BoB wasn't being watched and he didn't have to wear his disguise anymore, wouldn't he want to take it off. After this thought I began to wonder if 'hard printing' things onto BoB was such a good idea. So I went back to the drawing board.


I liked the flexibility that the previous LEGO compatible idea gave and I thought if I could acheive something similar a different way, whilst still be open to the possibility of compete customization. The main problem I thought about the LEGO compatible idea was that it wasn't very flexible, in the terms of it was only on the top of his head. What if the user wanted to put something on his sides? Or even his face? Then this idea came to me. What if every face of BoB had an attachment point, something where you could connect various other printed pieces in any place or orientation you wanted?! Then I had the key idea.

The key idea is simple. BoB has a keyhole, the custom parts have a key, inserting the custom parts into the key holes and rotating them 90 degrees locks them into postion. This way the user could put things anywhere they wanted too and they could even design their own parts for him and just add on the key bit.

The key holed BoB would look a little something like this:

And the keys would look like this:


You could design your custom parts, say for example the nose from the disguise BoB, and just add the key onto it, like so:

Then you could just put the key in the hole, turn it, and viola!

BoB with a nose!


But after the nose I just couldn't stop! There were so many possibilites of what was achivable! I went mad!



And finally the end result:


Let me know what you guys think. Is this sort of thing possible on a 3D printer? Or have I just reached too far into the stars?

I realize K12 if you are reading this you probably haven't seen any of these yet as I worked on them whilst you were sleeping, hope you like what I did with him.


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That's a very cool col idea and a nice design.I am sure the most of it (if not all) can be done.

I think a Despicable Me style BOB would rock!

Good for them! I was afraid that someone would get sued for trying to make their own Legos parts, but they've embraced the sirit of creativity that, lets face it, they probably helped to foster in most of us! http://www.seriousplay.com/19483/
Dude this is epic the key design is awesome! And the Lego too way to go bud