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3D Printed Sumo Robot with High Traction Wheels

Push another robot out of a sumo arena
Bot Front View463.04 KB
Bot Wheels1.11 MB

I built this robot for a mixture of fun and a university competition. Its a fully 3D printed sumo robot with custom made super grippy wheels. The Sumo robot was designed in a Solidworks computer aided design software, incorporating all of the sumo robot’s components. This allowed the design to be easily altered and manipulated to take full advantage of the size and weight restrictions. A simple and effective design was created with a basic ramp at the front to get underneath the opponent and reduce their traction. I only had access to a 3D printer with a printing area of 140mm Cubed, therefore the robot has been printed in a couple of separate parts. The positioning of the internal components within the chassis were all caded up for optimal fit. The wheels have been positioned so they protrude back past the rear of the robot, which allows for continual traction if accidental mounting of another robot’s ramp occurs. Due to the skid steer drive system, the bot is capable of on the spot turning when the wheels are spun in opposite directions . Therefore the effective turning radius is 0. The Wheels have been designed to give the robot minimum ground clearance and maximum traction. the wheels are lined with a silicon nano pad material which is extremely grippy. However it should be noted that some sumo competitions do not allow wheels of this type.