Let's Make Robots!

Maker Faire NYC 2013

Let's Make Robots has been rocking the NYC Maker Faire since 2011. This year Chris the Carpenter will be manning the helm. I'll be helping with some planning and logistics and crap like that.

Update: 5 August 2013

Maker Faire Application

Good news! Our application to attend Maker Faire has officially been accepted. Chris the Carpenter is busy getting things ready and you can comment on his preparations here.

Send Your Robot to Maker Faire

Your robot needs to get out more. Send him (her? it? them?) to me and we'll make sure your robot has a good place on the LMR table. Comment below, reach me via the LMR contact form, or email me if you already have my email address and we'll figure out the shipping logistics.


Update: 29 June 2013


Time to get ready for Maker Faire NYC. We have until July 28th to get our application in, but it'd be best to get it in sooner. We'll need to know stuff. Like how many people are going to come help out at the table. We had a lot of volunteers last year, and I hope everyone had fun doing it. I hope we'll see some familiar faces, and maybe a few new ones too.

So let us know in the comments below if you would like to come help out. I believe the way it works is that if you can commit to being at the table for at least four hours in one day, you can get into Maker Faire free for that day.  


Last year we had a lot of robots that LMRians sent us from all over the world. Umm, I still have some of them, and we'll bring them to Maker Faire. Who else wants to send us some cool robots to display? Let us know in the comments below if you can send us your awesome robot.

Last year we also and simultaneously ran four workshops while keeping our table manned for the appreciative crowd. It was awesome. It was also exhausting and expensive. So we are not doing workshops this year. Maybe we'll revisit that another year.


  1. Can you help out at the LMR table? Comment below.
  2. Can you send us your cool robot? Comment below.

That's all for now. More later.

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I've done my best to be involved with this since you started. How can I help this year?

I am currently getting LMR "Robot Builders Electronic Reference" wall charts printed. They should be ready in a couple of days.

Perhaps you can sell a few to raise money for LMR?

Wow. That's seriously packed with info. 

Do you have any thoughts on how to sell/distribute the wall charts? I can check with Frits to see if we can use LMR as the store front in some way. Would we be shipping them all from China or printing them regionally? Any thoughts on pricing? I need to know how much they cost to produce. It would probably be best to send me a private email vs. discussing cost on this comment. ; j

I am getting at least 1000 printed. I had already talked to CTC about distribution. Basically the deal is that $5 will go to LMR for every wall chart sold.

As shops like Rocket brand studios must deal with local postage (including buying carboard tubes) I suggest that they charge an additional $5 for their time, postage and handling.

The wall chart is 841mm x 594mm (32½ inch x 22½ inch) and covers a lot of basics for beginners such as:

  • How to calculate voltage, current and power.
  • How to read schematics.
  • How to read capacitor and resistor values.
  • How to use BJT and FET transistors.
  • How to use LEDs.
  • Analog and Digital voltage translation.
  • Calculating heatsink sizes.

I hope LMR members will consider this worth $10 (delivered to their door step). If you are selling them at Maker's Faire and do not need to pay postage or make a profit then $5 each would still go a long way to supporting LMR.