Let's Make Robots!

BoB the Biped and me: We love quiet sunset walks on the beach.

This is just a happy blog about how my BoB is fully mobile and can navigate obstacles. The sensor is just hanging loose but if angled the right way it works fine :) I'm using an HC-SR04 sensor with the newping library for fast distance readings that don't put a big hitch in the smooth walking. I have the library set to timeout the sensor if there is no signal after about a foot or so. Distance readings are only taken while BoB is facing forwards, be it on one or both legs.

I cleaned up the code considerably and it stayed around 9K even after the addition of the turning sequences and sensor funtions. It should make things easier to coordinate if I want more motions added later.

Now I must make a components order, a couple PCB orders, and then I sit and wait for everything to arrive!

Video and code submitted for your approval.

servo_easing_017_w_avoidance.ino_.txt9.96 KB