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Campus Party London 2013


Well, it's a couple of days now that the Campus Party closed it's doors and I am back home already. 

Let's see what happened... first of all I will write an intependent blog for the aftermath but now only a little. The most important for me was to meet some of you guys again, Frits, Robotfreak, Sebas, Isotope, XicoMBD and for the first time 6677 (now I finally know his name). Please see the blog HERE for the detailed report.


Campus Party is closed now and we are all back home. Take a breath and wait for the final reports here :-)


Please also see the other blog where we post some stuff from the Campus Party in London: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/37331


We are in and sharing the table with the guys from roboternetz.de 


Just saw the blog post on the CP Blog website: http://blog.campus-party.eu/post/58069132526/make-way-to-make-robots

If you don't know where to find us, here is a partial map of the O2 Dome with the location of the LetsMakeRobots table (click to enlarge).


Please let me/us know what you are bringing and what's your idea to do there. We have some organisation stuff to do that we can make a really good impression there.

It's almost time to get prepared for the Campus Party in London this year, 2013.

We've got additional 5 free tickets for the CP in London. Please reply TODAY (Tuesday July 17th) if you want one. We need your name to make sure everything goes the right way. So please use this form to register (and please also post here when you are done with the registration): 


We will forward your details to the CP staff to claim the free ticket. 

In order to get everything set please write me an email to l-u-m-i-3-0-0-5-@-y-a-h-o-o-.-c-o-m (NO DASHES) with your FULL NAME, Transaction number, your country to pick up, your city to pick up. Please use the Campus Party list for possible pick up points here: http://www.campus-party.eu/2013/travel.html

Letsmakerobots attended the Campus Party in Berlin in 2012. For the first time some people from Letsmakerobots met in real live and had 5 awesome days together.

What is Campus Party. Quote from the Campus Party Homepage: "Campus Party is an annual week long, 24-hours-a-day technology festival where thousands of “Campuseros” (hackers, developers, gamers and technophiles) equipped with laptops camp on-site and immerse themselves in a truly unique environment."

Well, that sentence can not even scratch the real feeling there. So lets the videos and photos speak for itself:

Collection of Campus Party 2012 Youtube Videos

Special video! Frits launching an airplane at the old airport Berlin Tempelhof http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68lJie01Lpk

Collection of some posts and photos with Letsmakerobots guys in Berlin


So, if you are coming or you are plan to come then please post it here that we can plan the event in advance.

ATTENTION: In order to win free tickets we should twitter as much as we can with the following hashtags:

  • #Make4campus
  • #CPeurope

The community with the most twitter posts will win 15 free tickets for the Campus Party 2013 in London.

At the moment I am working on the first 5 free tickets. If we get them I will post it here and you can claim one. Rule: First come first get...

List of tools/material/gear we can confirm to be there:

  • 2x soldering iron (6677, lumi)
  • 1x hot glue gun incl. hot glue sticks (lumi)
  • set of screwdrivers, pliars, knife, wire cutter, voltmeter, scissors (lumi)
  • MAYBE 10x OddBots wall charts (lumi)
  • laptop, webcam (lumi)
  • 1x 4xAA battery charger (lumi)
  • duct tape (6677)
  • blank CDs (6677)
  • misc tools (6677)
  • Raspberry Pi (6677)
  • Bob (XicoMBD)
  • Raspberry Pi(s) (XicoMBD)
  • some other random parts (XicoMBD)



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There is a picture after we "occupied" our table :-)

Nils, we are waiting for you :-)

Our table was so clean...now we claimed our area and polluted it with our gear. Clean pictures first, but see more later...

Has anyone booked the catering service? 80 pounds for 4 days including breakfast/lunch/dinner does not sound bad.

No I did not book catering. Frankly, I did not see that offer :-)


I've got the travel information. We will arrive at midday Sep 2nd.

See you soon!

Me too!

Campus Party News:

some CP news:

Registration for Workshops is now open. Be sure to register for your favorite workshop here:


The event schedule is online:


Entertainment: Tuesday the 3rd is cinema night. Vote for you favorite film.



Ok, I have some progress here:

I have my UK visa approved and my vacation booked. So I AM COMING! Hurray!

Moving to what I will bring:

These brothers will be looking for new homes:

Also after a lot of doubts and tinkering, I decided to bring my LineIronBot . You can see he him being beefed up (I'm adding remote controll capabilities) at this very moment :)

See you guys! Partyyyyyyy!!! :)

Isotope, you may sleep with Frits (see here http://letsmakerobots.com/node/37331#comment-106706)