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COSMA - Update 2

For the first protoype of COSMA I decided to build stackable proto shields for the Arduino Mega. Later I will layout a single PCB, including all.

Proto shield one

Proto shield two

Both shields on top of the Arduino Mega

Some notes:

- RTC based on DS1307. Breakout board with backup Lithium cell. Communication: I2C. Default address = 0x68

- MPU6050. 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscope in one chip. Integrated chip temperature sensor for temperture compensation. Communication: I2C. Default address of the breakout board  = 0x68. I de-soldered the pulldown resistor of the AD0 pin and connected the AD0 to the 3.3V bus of the Arduino Mega to change address to 0x69

- SD card breakout board. Communication: hardware SPI

- ArduEye camera. Communication: 5 digital in-/outputs, 1 analog

- Temperature sensor DS18B20. Communication: One Wire. Many temperature sensors can be added, using all the same one wire for communication

- L4940V5: Very low drop 1.5 A voltage regulator for servos

- EMIC-2: Text to speech module. Communication soft serial (RX on hardware serial works not properly)

- Analog sound sensors, using LM358 amplifiers and electret microphones

- Force sensing resistor (FSR). Analog via voltage divider circuit

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