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Spider Walker Robot

Aviod obstacles

I always wanted to build a Klann walker: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klann_Linkage

But never had the time to design and build the walker mechanism. Browsing the net, I have discovered a DIY spider walker kit, and bought two of them:


The KIT comes with one DC motor:

The problem with this, that it can not turn (unless you use a Tamiya twin motor set and hack the KIT). 

The easyiest solution is using two of the KITs.

Top view:

Bottom view:

You have to cut only a couple of mm-s off from one end of the X shaped bottom stiffener.

Normal ends:

Cut off ends:

The wires can be hid within the frame:

With the addition of the battery holder, the chassis is finished.

To be continued...

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Love it. More please:)

Very cool idea! I'm curious how it's going to work out...

I am not pushing but I would like to see a video :-) Interesting idea, keep posting please!!!

I have uploaded a short video, just to proove the concept. The spider walker works beautifully. Sorry about the video quality...

The robot is not fihished yet, because I could not make the sonar work with the 3.3V Launchpad panel. So maybe I will use an Arduino with the final version...

oh, surprise... it indeed walks around beautifully :D

As for the sonar module, are you using level-shifting to connect to the launchap? also be sure to feed the sonar module itself with a stable 5V otherwise these cheap modules (HC-SR04) are known to provide unreliable results.


Hey! I have one of those as well! I was planning to make a walker robot as well! I hope you can continue this!