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Webpage to sell pc app

Hi there I create some programs with Visual Basic 2010 and i want to sell them.Does anyone know a webpage to sell them.



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No, I've never heard of any service allowing you to sell software easily. However have you considered licensing and reverse engineering? All well and good selling a piece of software but you've used Visual Basic .Net, in visual studio there are tools to reverse engineer to a pretty damn accurate source representation, there are workarounds of course but have you used them? Also without an official end user license you would have little legal power over people just copying the software between others. Have you considered the market for your app? If its yet another newbies program that just says how many lines are in a file then no one would buy it, no one will buy any remotely trivial. If you had something big and useful though then yeah, someone might buy it. And a heads up, there is no such thing as visual basic 2010. There is the programming language visual basic .net which is commonly (but not always) edited within visual studio 2010. Visual studio 2010 does lots of other languages though. Visual basic .net has support in other IDEs also.

do you have a version of VB that allows you to make a profit on the programs you write with it?

Microsoft don't restrict usage of Vb.net itself (not sure about Vb6) and too my knowledge don't restrict visual studio 2010. Express vs Pro seems to only be feature set changes.

No, sorry.

Perhaps if they are specific to certain applications, you could try selling the ideas to the companies who put out the hardware or software they will work with?


Other than that, why not put your own page online?