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Selling wall charts to raise money for LMR.

Please post a photo of your workspace with the wall chart so everyone can see how great it looks!


Rocket Brand Studios

Citizen Scientific Workshop






China / Germany:



United Kingdom:





Well after a few minor setbacks I've finally managed to get 1000 LMR wall charts printed. These wall charts are a quick reference guide covering a lot of basic questions I see being asked repeatedly on LMR.

They are BIG (841mm x 594mm or 33.1in x 23.4in), beautiful and provide a lot of basic information on these subjects:

  • Volts, current, resistance, power and temperature.
  • Reading resistor and capacitor values.
  • Types of capacitors.
  • Reading schematic diagrams.
  • Robot power supplies (linear and switchmode).
  • Digital and analog voltage translation.
  • Using LEDs.
  • BJT and FET transistors.
  • Calculating the size of a required heatsink.
  • Conversion formulas.
  • Ruler (metric and imperial).

These wall charts are printed on thick glossy paper and look fantastic! Brighten up your workspace and have useful information available at a glance.

Most importantly!
For every wall chart sold, $5 will be donated to LMR. When you buy a wall chart you are supporting LMR and ensuring that LMR remains free of advertising.

They will be available at Rocket Brand Studios and the Reuseum within 2 weeks time.
I will list other outlets here as they become available.

Good news for UK members, Robosavvy in the UK will also distribute them.


I've now got one above my desk :D

First batch packed and ready for shipping to China, America and the UK. I have packed the wallcharts in very thick cardboard to protect them as well as possible on their long trip around the country. They will be wrapped with packing straps and sent off tomorrow. They should be available in selected shops by Monday next week (15th July 2013).

Yes, that is my robot "Chop Sticks" wearing a Spiderman mask :P

Out the door and ready to be picked up. it should be noted that LMR member Frank Neon was good enough to donate some money to go towards the shipping cost. 

Frank will be selling the posters from  his "Citizen Scientific Workshop" and "Reuseum".

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Donation Done.

Today I've transferred 1395DKK to Frits.

Even I did not sell all 50 posters yet I am doing my donation. 1395DKK are a bit more than $US250, so I hope Frits make a good use of it to get LMR V4 done.


We (robosavvy.com) sell these amazing posters and obviously we made good use of it at our lab.

You can see the poster behind our teen size humanoid

He's BIG!

I like the spring / strap system for counter acting the weight when the knees are bent.

Like others, I had some trouble finding wall space for mine.  I had purchased a poster frame for it. I ended up tossing the plastic frame components, but kept the backing and the clear plastic.  I just ran some masking tape along the edges to seal it up.  Now I have a work/placemat on my bench/desk. Forces me to keep the area relatively clean so I can refer to some info on the 'poster'. 

Double duty, twice as useful! 


Great idea, can you post a photo please.

These posters are so awesome! They look great and I have used it so many times already. I don't know how I did stuff without this!

Great chart OddBot,

Unfortunately I do not have a wall to put it on. However I would like to support the project and LMR, so I will donate two charts, one each, to two LMR robot builder members who work with young people in the UK.

I will arange delivery to them straight from RoboSavy. Just contact me through LMR, let me know how you will use them, and I'll choose on a first come first served basis.

I would prefer something in the format of the "Wireless World" Circards that were out a few years ago.

Hurray! Just got mine from RocketBrandStudios along with MicroMagician board. No problems detected with packaging. It came in as triangle as it gets :)

Had to reorganize my workspace a bit to fit it in properly.

Great job OddBot! Very informative poster! Also would like to thank RBS, all distributors and all buyers of course! :) Let's make robots! :D


I like that you can have it close enough to read when your building. Mine is too high up because of the computer monitors.

One wall chart hanging in our office: