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BoB the Biped and Me: We celebrate the Seahawks! (updated)

Just a place to put a link to the video of BoB dancing while I applaud. I'll update with more info in the future. Gotta meet my buddy at the pub in a few minutes, hence the brevity.

There are four total dance moves, I think the video only caught three of them (they're randomized).

Update: July, 14th, 2013-

A schematic of of the detection circuit:


The code is a little dodgy when it comes to the structure of the dance sequences and I even uses the dreaded "goto" command. I couldn't get a second loop going correctly so I reverted to my old BASIC ways :) Pull on your judgement jeans and get on you high horse and tell me how to do it right!

BoB_audio_trgger_dance.ino_.txt16.38 KB

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Haha, I was waiting a long time for the clapping...but it was worth it :-)

Sorry bout that. The action begins at 1:30. Wordy narrative about the bot precedes it :)