Let's Make Robots!


DFRobot is now three years young. 

Usually the one who has birthday gets some gifts but this time DFRobot is giving away lots of stuff...starting with a FREE SHIPPING DEAL for all orders from today to July 12.

Each of the three days celebration will have some special discount with up to 70% off.

I will shut up now and let you go shopping :-)

Read more about the birthday action on the DFRobot website: http://www.dfrobot.com


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This is a good time to buy, folks. Shipping can be a hefty chunk on a Sino-American shipment.
Free shipping, hmm, I really dint have money to spend but if a buy now it makes a lesser dent than buying later :/ decisions. Quite tempted by arduino mini for under a fiver although I don't have an ftdi cable :/ wonder if the pi can serve that role natively....