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Chef-Bot Mk II with Wii Nunchuk Control

Moves around via control by a wii nunchuk
NunchukControl.doc21 KB

This is a robot I built for fun. It is designed to be a test-bed for different things I want to try. It is mostly salvaged from an earlier robot I built, except for the metal frame and the arduino mega. I used the Wii nunchuk to control it now, but I am planning on adding autonomy later. It is not very complete at the moment, but I really liked how easy it was to use the nunchuk and I wanted to share it. When you move the joystick around, it controls the wheels of the robot and how it moves. When you press the C button and tilt the remote, it moves the arm. When the C button isn't pressed, the arm just is held above the ground. The wheels are powered by Parallax continuos rotation servos, and the arm is made up of 1 Parallax Standard Servo and 3 HD 1160-A servos. The Arduino is connected to the servos with a modified Solarbotics GVS shield, where the power supply for the shield is from VIN instead of Vdd because when the arm is loaded and the wheels are moving it draws too much current for the Arduino to handle. One thing that I found that was really helpful in writing the code was the map() function. It made it really easy to take the signals from the nunchuk and turn them into signals for the servos.

Link to the Wii Nunchuk library (I didn't write it, but I thought it was really easy to use)


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Nice project! Please post more pics about the construction of your pieces.