Let's Make Robots!

What do you whish for christmas 2008?

Let's hear it, what do you whish for christmas?

I am hoping for some Magnetic Viewing Film:

And this:
These things are just because I get complaints from my family, because I always whish the same. The last 7 years or something I have only whished "Anything that can fly" for birthday and christmas.
This often has meant that I got like 3 RC planes, one chopper and some strange things to fly. At one time I got a tank of helium. I tell you; This is quite a good idea. if it flies, it is bound to be cool! I have a whole shelf full of RC insects, UFO's, rockets.. all sorts :) I can recommend it! 

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I was trying to figure out the magnetic film, what it might be used for, found a video


 Lots of other interesting materials.

For me, I'd like an oscilliscope too, been watching ebay for a good 100 MHz.

A Harbor Freight bench lathe and mini-mill and tools. (and a place to put them)

An IMU of some sort. 

Some QTC to try out, experiment with.

A serial OLED display maybe.

A better soldering station, maybe a stereo microscope for soldering small parts. 

Probably hope for just gift certificates to Sparkfun,  ServoCity, or at least Frys.

I bought myself a huge meccano set for making challenge robots but I still can't get myself a winning lottery ticket :p

An AVR programmer.

Some AVR chips.

Various sensors (IR, ultrasonic, accelerometer, etc)

An oscilloscope.


Time to play with my toys. :)


Oh and like CtC said, world peace, good will towards men, yada yada...



Ooh! Can I steal the Oscilliscope idea?

*hops back into line to ask Santa* 

I want toys to take apart and use the pieces for further "projecting"

That and some new music to groove to..

... and a pony (I always tell people I want that) 

All I really want is a MSI Wind laptop and an axe042 diplay for Walter. That's it.

Well, world peace and all that crap too, I guess.