Let's Make Robots!

Red BoB has arrived


I'm so excited, and FrankenBoB, too. Isotope has sent me 3D printed BoB parts and a cool name badge from Canada. Thank you so much, Vadim. This time I need to pay you the beer at Campus Party.

Now FrankenBoB will get soon a friend or girl friend, who knows. Lets see what I can build out of this.


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I've seen so many BoBs here on LMR i'm beginning to worry about the possibility of an adorable BoB army taking over the planet. Then again i'm prone to being paranoid of such things as robotic uprisings and the like :)

bdk6's picture

That looks really cool.  But I'm worried there aren't any women.  

RobotFreak's picture

Her name is BoBette, Little Red BoBette. More infos soon :-)

isotope's picture

Glad he made it all the way to Berlin! I would never turn down a beer offer, Peter :) Hope to see you guys in London! Partyyyyy! :D

6677's picture
At least you'll be in Britain, the land of the public house
K120189's picture

BoBs are going to take over the world!

6677's picture
Looks pretty good in red. And no, its not a girl or boy friend, its lunch :D
OddBot's picture

Maybe you confused Franken Bob for Zombie Bob?

AlmightyArjen's picture

I don't believe someone would stitch up a zombie, though it walks like a zombie. Maybe it's Frankenstein who's been bitten by a zombie?