Let's Make Robots!

6 joint robotic arm

Pick up bodyside from nest and drop off .

Hey friends, This is my first robot attempt so I'm new with hobby servos, the Arduino (which I've chosen for control), electronics in general and LMR. I love the site and am happy to have found a place to share and learn. I build machines for automotive automation for a living and decided to make a miniature robot cell in my spare time for fun. I began this project back in January. 

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No, sorry, they are full size (8-10ft). I just included the video as an example of what I'm trying to simulate. I submitted this post with my phone and had difficulty adding additional pics etc. so there's more to come...I just couldn't wait. Thanks for your interest Maxhirez! To be continued...

Best of luck to you in this project, looks pretty cool so far. :)

Thanks so much Ciarfah. I have had alot of fun so far!

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