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Light up your sro4!

Makes your robots eyes light up!

Some more goofiness!

I really wanted my BoB to have light up eyes but I also didn't really go with bump sensors or something else tacked onto him. Since he was designed for an sro4/5/ping sensor I figured I'd attempt to illuminate one.

The first try was not successful because I drilled from the top and broke one of the tiny coil wires inside the "can". I then took it apart and this is what it looks like:


You can see from the pic that it's double walled. So be aware of that if you try this. The aluminum is quite soft and I managed to drill through it by hand just twisting the bit by hand. I resoldered the wire and it was back in business!


// I pulled the can apart by spreading the aluminum apart with some pliers. Looks like a tuna can!

Here's what I ended up with:


//Not great but I wasn't even sure if it would work. It doesn't seem to effect the functionality of the sensor at all. I guess it doesn't matter as long as the LEDs are behind the mic/speaker.I hooked the LEDs up to the gnd and vcc of the sensor itself but I'll probably change that so I can control the lights. The resistors are 100 ohm because I wanted the LEDs bright since they are really tucked away behind everything.


Anyway, I think it's pretty cool looking!



Just wanted to add that I used the "small" LEDs. The bigger ones would really be a tight fit. Someone should really do some RGBs!!


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That is a great hack. Well done.

That's a nice idea and I wonder why nobody else got this before. Lighting up the ultra sound sensor will give the robot a full new face :-)

Thanks guys!  Sorry for the poor workmanship but hopefully someone else will pull it off in a cleaner fashion.

I had considered relocating the sensors from the board to little pods or with LED rings around them or something. Just desolder two pins and his eyes pop right off :O

Not sure if longer wires to the sensors would muck with the circuit though...Someone should try it!

This looks awesome! I'm sure more lit up ultrasonic eyes will follow. Well done.

Showing some eyeball blinky action!

This is something I have long been wondering if it is possible. but never dared, afraid it would interfere. Good to know that it is possible. I definitely want to try to make this myself once.