Let's Make Robots!

Light up your sro4!

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Maxhirez's picture

Not what I was expecting.  Cool look!

Dannyv's picture

This is something I have long been wondering if it is possible. but never dared, afraid it would interfere. Good to know that it is possible. I definitely want to try to make this myself once.

viswesh713's picture

nice hoff

hoff70's picture

Showing some eyeball blinky action!

K120189's picture
You can extend the wires quite a bit on the sensors as long as the stay in line
hoff70's picture

What do you mean by "in line"?

K120189's picture
Both parallel to each other
hoff70's picture

Oh, you mean the sensors not the wires :O

mintvelt's picture
This looks awesome! I'm sure more lit up ultrasonic eyes will follow. Well done.
hoff70's picture

Thanks guys!  Sorry for the poor workmanship but hopefully someone else will pull it off in a cleaner fashion.

I had considered relocating the sensors from the board to little pods or with LED rings around them or something. Just desolder two pins and his eyes pop right off :O

Not sure if longer wires to the sensors would muck with the circuit though...Someone should try it!