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What quadcopter should I get for free!?


I have a unique problem. There is some money at where I work that needs to be spent fast. I would like to spend it on a quadrotor but I haven't ever looked into buying one. There are tons of options but little time. Is there a quadrotor that any of you would recommend? I'd like to get a full kit with transmitter and everything. I could probably get away with spending $500 US. I don't really have a plan for what I'll do with it yet, its just the perfect opportunity for me to get one.



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I ended up picking an AR drone 2.0. Hopefully their popular for a reason.

I can't recommend a kit, but I know Frits had one that he DIDN'T recommend. Honestly I'd gather the few components that it takes to build one and beef it up for a bit to handle an FPV camera as a payload and still be manueverable. That's about the only way you will touch the $500 budget, as these things are quite cheap if you plan accordingly. Good luck. Let us know what you find and how it flies.

I've seen this one max, gives a new meaning to the phrase "hatch back"  :O

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