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Identify this opto component?

I am trying to identify these two clear parts which were part of an opto components grab bag. Which contained UV/IR components/sensors. They are clear plastic with the marking of 'SD 6150 205' on the back.  (nothing on google) Facing the front.  A part inside that looks like a 4 section solar panel.  5 pins.  The far left pin is the ground  inside for the panel. The 4 other pins attach to the 4 sections of the panel via a microscopic wire.  The left pin connects to the leftmost panel.  Next pin, next panel,  etc. 

If I had to guess... A position sensor that uses a laser or pinpoint of light to pinpoint direction/placement based on light hitting a specific (or multiple) panels. 

Does anyone know for sure?  Better yet, a datasheet? 

Be kind, teaching myself electronics as I go (and having a ball!) 


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hi metaled. you are correct that this is a multi-photovoltaic cell if this website is to be believed - detail.china.alibaba.com/offer/313598029. put avoltmeter across the common terminal and any of the others and see what happens.

Thank you!   Not bad for a newbie.   and I have been doing just that. Been testing it in all types of light. IR light seems to really bump the reading up no matter what conditions. Thanks for the link! 

For now, just going to toss it in my toy box, but I am sure I will find a use for it in the future!  Got a lot of solar ideas I might be able to work this into. 

Thanks to both of you!