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Tracked robot Mk2

Multi-purpose robotic platform

This is my tracked multi-purpose robot. It is powered by two DC motors and controlled via RF link (range 1km LOS) by a usb controller plugged into a custom transmitter.


It can used for various configurations:

- with fire hose (for firefighting)

- with mine detection probe

- with a robotic arm

- machine gun (for military use)

- radiation detection system (for use in nuclear disasters)

- night vision system etc...


The aluminium tracks provide good traction but I will add some rubber padding and (re)paint job is also needed.





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Thank you.

Probably why I like notebooks and change logs :)

Although, as a side comment I suspect I am unlike many here in that, while loving diagrams, I think a picture is pretty useless without some thoughts expressed around it, and videos tend to contain far too many pictures. ö

This is the second time I have seen this project marked as updated but have not observed what was the update. What has changed please, danijels?

You should observe better ;)

No doubt I should, but what were the changes please?

A friend asked me to post more images of my robot, so I did. And I also provided some more info about what kind of CPU is used, how powerful motors are installed and some other minor details.

As you can see I don't write much, I reather post images and videos as I go :) 

Very nice work...wish I could buy one.  I think I remember your last one...a very nice piece of work too.

I so wish I had the skills to take on a build like that, until then I'll be stuck buying pre-built platforms...they make some 1/8 scale tank chassis in Russia, but haven't found a seller in U.S.  Considered converting a zero-turn lawn-mower, but I don't like the noise.

Are those 24V motors?  How much weight can you carry on it?

Thank you for your feedback. BTW I am taking pre-orders, but I think you wouldn't like the price ;) Yes, these are 24V motor. I didn't test how much weight can I put on, but I think it can easily carry 20 - 30 kilograms.

cool bot

Wow. Nice build and such speed. It moves very well. When I first saw the pics and the size of it, I thought you were going to need some form of suspension, but it looks like it works very well without. How many hours did you put into those treads? 

The previous tracked robot I made (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OllYaix3ycs), had suspension. But I realized that is too much effort (money) for too little reward. So I lost a lot of sleep figuring this out.

Threads are basically roller chains whit bolted aluminum plates.