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Com. between Android & Fez Panda

Hi Guys
Im planning to use my old Galaxy S3 for a sort of display/face for my small bot.
So i want to have some sort of way to communicate between my phone and my Fez Panda 2 board...

As i see it i got 3 possible ways to do this, WiFi, Bluetooth or USB.
I would love to do this over usb, but not sure if its possible ? My experiance with USB comm. is that it seems at bit complicated...

Any ideas, or experiences? 

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Some time ago I have ported the MicroBridge Library from Arduino to FEZ devices, for more infos see my blog post. FezBridge is only tested with FEZ Domino. To make this work with the FEZ Panda you will need to modify the Panda/USB cable. This code will not work with USB OTG.

I already have a "host modified" cable for my panda, so this might be a solution.
I'll check that out 

You should know that the FezBridge is not a ready to use library, it's more a proof of concept and not easy to use. The easier way would be, as 6677 suggested, to use a serial link or bluetooth. But you will need extra hardware. 

Another way would be using ADK (Android open accesory) instead of ADB (Android Debug Mode). Don't know if your phone supports ADK. Look here for an example.