Let's Make Robots!

DDHCBoB! (Developmentally Disabled HandiCap BoB)

Apologies to K120 for his outstanding design that I mangled or to anyone else who may be offended. (Which would be most people...)

DDHCBoB is proud to be one of the first of the BoB army but sadly he lost his legs in a tragic pole-vaulting accident during the summer robolympics as well as suffering traumatic uC damage in a paragliding accident the following month. Poor BoB languished around the lab for most of the year suffering constant taunts early on from our lab assistant Amanda (La Tostadora!) but he endeavoured to perservere. A true hero to all broken and forgotton robots lying lifeless and neglected on workbenches around the world!

Surprisingly, Amanda became DDHCBoBs staunchest ally during his road to recovery. Dragging parts and components as well as the HOT GLUE gun to his lonely corner of the lab she gently prodded me into repairing the dejected little robot. Perhaps it was the image of these fragile little machines coming together out of mutual respect or admiration for one another or maybe it was because Amanda threatened to let the smoke out of my soldering iron but something spurred me to action!


During DDHCBoBs convalescence he discovered that his parasailing accident left him deathly afraid of heights. In fact, any height above 3/8" left him shuddering and smoking so better stronger faster legs were out of the question. Thankfully, basile came to the rescue with the BASWHEEL! which both BoB and Amanda quickly developed a disturbing affection for...

Initially DDHCBoB was slated to receive wheels only but repeated threats by Amanda against the hellhounds dongle forced me to reconsider legs for poor acrophobic BoB.


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nice hoff

This cat is allegedly called Tard as a shortened version of "Tardar Sauce."  If that's fooling you, shame on you.  (After all, it's Tartar Sauce when you buy or make it for fish, so called for the Cream of Tartar used in making it.  Never Cream of Tardar.)  They named this adorable little felix familiaris "Tard" because it's suffering from a form of dwarfism-in other words, its growth has been reTARDed.  But that's offensive to admit right?

DDHCBoB, as politically correct as we are trying to be here, is a great demonstration of an annoying problem in modern society.  You can call him developmentally disabled, handicapped, retarded, intellectually disabled-whatever you want, it doesn't change the fact that he ain't all there.  I have a nephew who is autistic*, which in my mind isn't the same thing as intellectually disabled (mentally retarded) but my wife is sensitive to the use of the term "retarded" because she wouldn't want him to hear the term used as it might hurt his feelings.  (Personally I think he'd be oblique to the use of the term whether applied to him or not, but out of respect for her wishes, I don't say the "r" word out loud-though I caught her using it yesterday!)

The thing is, no matter what words you use to characterize someone with an innate mental or physical diminishment, it doesn't change the fact that they suffer from that state-yet people who seek to change the language in regards to that state seem not to understand that.  All that you do when you come up with a new term for "retarded" or "handicapped" is create new insults for jackasses like me to use on people who aren't necessarily "retarded" or "handicapped" but whose abilities and physical characteristics I want to liken to those who are.


Whatever happened to the retarduino?


*I myself am borderline for Aspergers.  I've never been officially diagnosed but the therapists have tested me because they were suspicious.

Retarduino underwent further testing and was deemed developmentally disabled duino. Doesn't have the same ring to it eh?

This makes DDHCBoB sad when all he wants to do is be happy :(

looks good hoff! next year he can try again in the robo special olympics