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Can 2 picaxes talk to the same i2c device?

It's really a simple question, can 2 picaxes have their SDL and SCA lines tied together and both talk to the same i2c device? For instance, a shared EEPROM where one could write data and the other could later read it. Or could they share a servo driver --like the 21 servo driver that picaxe sells. I know there are pull-up resistors and the units pull the lines low to talk so one might have to change the values a bit seeing that there will now be double the number pulling the lines up. --Or maybe one set of resistors on the common lines. Also, I think the SCL and SDA lines are sorta "two-way" so "anti-feedback" diodes are probably out (if needed at all). --Any thoughts?

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Only one set of resistors are needed as pullups on the SDA and SCL lines for all devices present. 4.7k is for slower data rates(<100kbps), 10k for higher (400kbps?) Whichever master drives SCL low first gets to talk, I believe. No diodes or anything else needed. Keep wire lengths short, under 24 inches or something like that.

Had worked with someone who developed bit-banging I2C, worked out reading Devantech stuff (sonars compasses).

All right, I'm going to give it a shot. Wish me luck. Let the blue smoke fly!

I'm still learning this but as far as I know you can have more than one master device.

One set of pull up resistors only. No diodes should be needed.

I2C bus specifications page 7 explains multiple masters.