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So why don't you just put a link on Facebook to LMR?

LMR is for all science and non science enthusiasts who just want to discover and enjoy making robots.

I think you got this one backwards.

lol OddBot...sure i will put a link on facebook too...
But did i get this backward? o_0 ...i am sorry for that...what would you suggest?

Actually, i was making an attempt to display some of my robots in the facebook page, just as i will be showing them on LMR in the days to come..:-)

Perhaps I miss-understood you. I think you should post all robots here and just put links on Facebook.

thanks for the suggestion OddBot....i'll do it that way, it'll be much easier
and i'll start with that microcontroller-less line follower...
sure has been sometime i haven't updated that post with details, can't wait to get my hands on that one.. :-)