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16mm BaneBot Spur Gearmotors

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These little 16mm spur gearmotors from BaneBots pack a pretty serious punch for the dollar. They boast a 600+RPM rating at no load with 1500ma. The 3mm shaft when supported by a pair of bearing blocks can rock out nearly a 5" wheel. Wonderful for small bots in the 5-10lb range. BaneBot products can be purchased directly from www.BaneBots.com or my personal favorite, Trossen Robotics (which needs no introduction).

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Yeah they do. They offer a very flexible modular wheel/hub/shaft setup. If you get new motors of a different shaft size, all you need to do is replace your hubs(~$3.00).

What kind of motors have you been using? Are you using encoders of any sort?

 Keep um in mind.

I pick up surplus Pittmans, Escaps, Faulhaber (MicroMo) with encoders if possible. The Pittmans usually have 500+ HEDs encoders, the Faulhaber have lower count range. For those that haven't got encoders, I've considered just going to US Digital since they seem to be reasonable for new equipment. New motors with encoders are pretty pricey though. Maxon is another good motor, but I don't have any of those.

I will have to look into these. I have pretty much stuck to BaneBots thus far, they are just too easy. I snagged a 36mm gearbox encoder kit at $39 each. They bolt right onto the gearbox and offer a reasonable 127HEDs.

But I do want to start branching out to new brands. I am still trying to find the right balance of RPMs, torque, and voltage and mapping those spces to specific applications.

But sadly I got too many motors already. I'll have to keep Banebots in mind as it appears they have a great way of attaching wheels to shafts.