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Smurfs, Births & Negative Earths

Have any of you yet considered the idea of a robot’s elementary electrical arrangement being like that of a car?

What I mean by this is a negative earth system. As my robot’s chassis is entirely built from steel it would largely appear to be the most discernible idea. Perhaps though, I’m merely attempting to find territory more recognisable to my comprehension?

I’m sure we are all familiar with the concept of the electron being negatively charged and as such is drawn towards the positively charged terminal. So boasting a suitably solid chassis as a terminal to connect the ground of a component to will ensure excellent current flow.

I’m aware of potential for short circuits. However such could be negated by appropriate insulation. I’m also led to believe, the negative earth system itself greatly reduces radio interference. Which was a factor regarding its standardisation to automobiles, as this coincided with the rise in popularity of television.

Do any of you have thoughts on this?

Maybe I’m missing something obvious?

Any counters to this will be terribly appreciated.

I'd also like apologise for the blatant omission of both Smurfs and births which were promised in the title.




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Ah, Mr. 6677 Sir,

Good to see you again. So you know not of any hazards regarding this system? Excellent, then I shall proceed with my design.