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Maker Faire 2013 in Hannover

Last weekend the first Maker Faire has been landed in Hannover, Germany. It was a great success and a real time experience for me. The only bad things I can tell, it was too short (only one day) and too hot. Approximatly 4500 visitors have visited the exhibition and our booth was surrounded with crowds of people all the time. Too less time for me to walk around to see other makers. 

I shared a booth with 4 other robot makers from the Roboternetz.


4 of my recent projects has been presented. MURCS, MURtle, FrankenBoB and my MakeyMakey clone.


FrankenBoB was the eye catcher from my point of view. The kids love it, except one little girl that starts crying when she saw it moving. To my surprise, the Makey Makey clone was number 2 of the most admired projects on my part of the booth.

I found a lot of other robotics related projects in the short time I had. Here are some inspirations:

Some robots from 'Wir machen Roboter', the german division of letsmakerobots.

Kolja Kugler's robot band Afreakin Bassplayer & Sir Elton Junk.

Malte Ahlers A1 Humanoid.

More pictures on my G+ page:


More pictures at Flickr:


More videos on Youtube:


Update 08/06/2013:

Video is now online.


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Nice! Hope you had a great time. Looking forward to the NY Maker Faire this September.

Thank you Andrew.

Yes, it was an amazing event. Well organized and nice projects everywhere. I wish I had more time to see everything.

Good luck for the NY Maker Faire


Well, that one day probably gave some of the visitors a new perspective :-) Franken BoB...haha...indeed an eye catcher.