Let's Make Robots!

A Robot should shoot water bottle caps.

The robot should have only 4 wheel. The robot should drive forward and baclward. The robot should only have maxium of 4 any motors. The height should be less than 13 inch. The robot should controlled by an remote. You can't use metal for anything it's should plastic or wood. And finally when the shooter motor go on there also be an green light go on. Thank you. :)

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This does sound like you're saying "Build a robot like mine."

Is my robot disqualified if I use a red light when the shooter motor turns on?

How much metal is too much? I see a metal motor in the picture, and I'm willing to bet those are metal wires and not just plastic string.

Is it okay to have metal axles?

If you make a cool enough robot people will want to make one themselves without needing a challenge to do so.

Heck Dagu offered all sorts of great prizes in the Doodle Bot contest and they didn't get many entries. I can predict right now how many entries there will be for this contest/challenge with no prizes.

I think you're better off updating your robot page with the new picture and adding some video of it in action than making a "do what I've done" challenge.

Show how well your robot can shoot. Is it accurate? How far can it shoot?

It looks like you probably have a very cool robot but it's hard to tell without seeing it in action.

It basically sounds like you're describing a robot you've already built...

Just curious...