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3D printed LMR Logo Bot

Since I need to test and improve the 3D printer on my desk I wanted to print a LMR logo bot. After a short request in the forum I've got the 3D file from birdmun, who else could answer that qucik and even have the right thing you need. bird, thanks man....you are the true LMneRd ;-) That is the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v4vgif5tude0v63/LMRLogobot.stl 

Now the pictures:

I am not explaining every picture since it's quite obvious what parts you will see.





Printing time 2:48 h with 70% infill. I used the Dreammaker with orange PLA which is not that good quality than some other colors. It might be from another supplier. First it's not sticking on the bed when printing with 100% speed so I need to slow the first layer down to 70-50% and then go to 100% after the first layer. I forgot to speed it up so the printing time was longer than Cura told me.

Still, the filament is not quite good, the overhang on the brain ball was quite ugly and had to be cutted clean.

UPDATE August 9: Time lapse video of the print is online. Sorry, onnly on Youku, did not have time to process it for Youtube.

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Playing with this but can't get Cura or Slic3r to even read it?

Anyone have suggestions or did I miss something somewhere, somehow?




Worked, not sure what the end process was now? And appologies to Birdmun for missing the source in the SB.

Printed pretty good imho, just a bit of issue on the sonar sensor for some reason. The sphere turned out nice.

Still have to put it together, think I'll print another in black and mix up the build.

Also think a hollow one with a RGB LED from the inside would be kind of cool.

Thanks Lumi for the link and Birdmun for the design!

I just downlaoded it and opened it in Cura 13.11 without problems. Before I had Cura 13.0x and it worked too. 

That is so sick.

My only observation is the "eyes" are seemingly suspended above the chassis, like they're connected to the "brain bowl." I'll only deduct a half point for that :D

That is all. Continue your awesomeness!

LOL, that's a good idea Markus, it also has a nice texture what could be the brain :-)

and use: