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Giving away my soldering station

As I have upgraded my soldering station and have no need for my old one, I’m giving it away.

It’s a TIN-U 936 60W (an eBay HAKKO 936 copy) soldering station. It works great and I have had no problems with it.

It is for 220V !

Anyone interested and are willing to pay for the shipment can send me a PM and I will select a winner at random.
The offer will end 1 september 2013

PS. I live in Norway

PPS. I had this as a forum entry but it disappeared to fast for people to notice.

UPDATE 3 September 2013

There were not many takers for this soldering station at all so I have decided to give it to a member of a Norwegian hacker space.


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I'd love to...but how much is the shipping? and how do we pay the shipping? my soldering iron is very rusty and I also use it for melting hot glue sticks :P.....anyway, you should use this one as a prize for a competition. just for fun  :)

I can’t be bothered with a competition or an auction as I replied in the original forum post http://letsmakerobots.com/node/38076
I just want to hand off the soldering iron to someone that would take care of it (and not use it for melting hot glue stick) :-P

The shipping cost will depend on where you live and please not that this is a 220V soldering station.

Hahaha, ok :)

I'm trying to start a hackerspace in my city and we could use one more soldering station but I'm not sure how much it would cost to have it shipped here (Iasi, Romania, Postal code 700316).

If it's more than 30-40 euros it would be better if you found a hackerspace (or someone else) in Norway.

I could really use this soldering iron, but it also depends on how much shipping costs. 


I have another HAKKO 936 copy, ATTEN AT936 soldering station which I bought with less than $50 dollars. It is available on Ebay, very good price.