Let's Make Robots!

BoB the Biped and Me: Tested, approved, and waiting for Rev. B PCBs. First vid with chickenparmi's sweet LMR bumper :D

BoB's edge detectors worked fine at home but in his operating environment at a bar he was failing miserably. There were many false edge detections while walking over safe ground. The high gloss surface of the bar was reflecting light under his feet during even the slightest wobble when he put down his feet (the point where the edge sensors were read). This led to him backing up into hazards I was trying to avoid. Now his LDRs are calibrated for the shiny bar and his feet are much more firmly planted for better readings of the sensors. I thought I was going to have to switch to some micro IR reflective sensors I found for him to work but I'm pleased that I do not. Video attached for jinx's interest and for proof :)

BoB would be moving on to his asthetic development phase except I screwed up the first revision of his LED arrary. All my fault. The corrections have been sent off to OSHPark so now I'm back to waiting for the arrival of the useable PCBs. So for the moment all BoB is sporting is some flashy stickers of the team he is going to help support. It's not much but he's representing as best as he can lol

BoB garnered much attention this time around at the bar and there were many ideas kindled from his activities. Photographers thought a streaming camera would be great. Lushes thought if he could carry a beer on his head he would be the envy of all. A couple people thought that a football helmet shaped headpiece would really tie the theme of the project together. Others thought a more anthropomorphic look would make him more "marketable." I smiled and nodded and took notes as there were some good thoughts expressed.

Little do they know I think he's perfect as he is.

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At least I've got something on Max now :D That LMR video of yours will be added to mine from now on. I too was trying to figure out a fresh way to at the LMR thing to my video clips. Fortunately you're a good sharer because my A/V skills suck lol

I'm glad someone's diggin me little BoB with me!

Wow, BoB's gone places :) I think every robot has to go to the pub!