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Smart Doodle Bot

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12/21/2013 - A speaker is added.

11/01/2013 - Sonar/Light sensors with Auto Sweep
Parallax DAQ is used to display data in Excel.

10/23/2013 - A circular base is prodcuced with a 3D printer.
The base also serves as a very efficient soundboard for the 'motor speakers'. Now the music from the speakers is very loud. Sample music Jingle Bells is attached.

10/07/2013 - RC receiver is added as additional input

09/08/2013 -  An IR edge detector is added to the Doodle Bot.

08/29/2013 - An art work done by the healthy Doodle Bot is sbmitted to the Challenge.

08/25/2013 - An acoustic sensor for range measurement is added to the Doodle Bot.
It can now move around without hitting the walls as seen in the attached video.

08/22/2013 - An art work done by the handicap Doodle Bot is sbmitted to the Challenge.

Bought the Dagu Doodle Bot kit from Hobby King. Assembled together and uploaded the Doodle_Bot_Text_Demo_with_Music. It will play music and then draw a one-and-a-half circle and then a small arc but not the text. I believe there is something wrong with the board. Do you agree?

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I received my new Doodle Bot 2 days ago. Made a brain surgury of my handicap bot by replacing the controller board. Now my bot is healthy and can move forward but is not very accurate. The repeatability is poor.

Made another entry to the Doodle Bot art competition. Here is the link:


Code is attached as kidbots.pde

While waiting for my new Dagu Doodle Bot to come, I made some modification of the standard demo program. Now my robot can go backward, turn to the right, and turn to the left. To go forward, I have to turn 180 degrees.

Here is the self portrait of my doodle bot - a handicap robot which can only go backward.


The code is attached as HandicapBot.pde











Hobby King offered me credit once I reported the problem. I ordered another Doodle Bot and hope this time the project will go smoothly.

Ok, that works well then because you will have lots of spare parts. You can always use the controller with the bad motor driver as a servo driver or ISP programmer.

The Doodle Bot user manual says the supply voltage: 5V-9V. The max voltage for a 2-cell lipo is 8.4V and The jumper near the power switch is set to 5V from the factory.

It's true the motor driver circuit can work at a maximum of 9V.

All I can tell you is that perhaps you are unlucky or maybe you accidently shorted the output. The boards do get tested in the factory before shipping.

P.S. If you posted this on LMR just for tech support then you should have posted as a forum. Robot Project pages are not for tech support.

When using the following code to check the status of the sensors and motors, I found the problem.

Both sensors work fine.

Left motor will turn CCW - digitalWrite(7,0);

Left motor will turn CW - digitalWrite(7,1);

Right motor will turn CCW - digitalWrite(8,1);

Right motor will NOT turn - digitalWrite(8,0);


void loop(){
  // read the state of the hall effect sensor:
  hallState = digitalRead(2);
  if (hallState == LOW) {    
    // turn LED on:   
  else {
    // turn LED off:


Odd, could well have been damaged though when you whacked a 7.4v lipo through it when your not supposed to.

If you are using the latest Arduino IDE 1.05 then try using 1.04 instead. The newest version might not work properly.

Assuming you have done everything right then the only other possibility I can think of is if the FLASH memory has been corrupted. I had this happen once before.

Use this tutorial http://letsmakerobots.com/node/35649 to re-burn the bootloader. make sure you select Arduino NG or older as the board type. Then re-install the sample code.