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Seeks Light

This is a robot I am working on to create art, I hacked an old RC car, but instead of hacking the car, i hacked the remote (the leftovers of which are on the hood of the car (no one said it looked good)) I am using an Arduino Duemilenove. Everything is attached with rubber-bands and stuff. I will clean that up later. I have discovered that it is a bad idea to plug the leads from the remote which i soldered on directly into the Arduino is not a good idea because when I set a pin to high to stop the car (because ground is what makes remote control activate whatever direction I want it to go it) It goes in the opposite direction of the direction it was going when the pin was on LOW aso i will buy some transistors and use those to connect the leads from the remote to ground when voltage is applied to them from the Arduino.


Update: Tuesday December 9th

 It fully works, I made silly errors with the code (set pins to things that weren't connected to anything, and plugged in my transistors reverse bias, but it works now!


Future Additions:

mount for a pen and the pet itself to make draw pictures  



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How's it working? Pretty quick? Was reminding me of the Beverly Hillbillys, old TV show that had a vehicle with all sorts of stuff strapped to it.
Its a little fast, OK its a lot fast, but i can counteract this with pulsating the motor