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PICAXE-08M Zapped?

I have a PICAXE-08M that I belive is zapped. Not sure how I would have killed it but the program editor will no longer download code to it. When I check the firmware, it see's that it is an 08M, etc. 1) Can I confirm the death of this chip for sure? 2) Is it possible to ressurect the chip?

Worth mentioning, we can eliminate the USB, program, or circuit being the point of failure since my 14M works just fine.

Thanks in advance.

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No, the progress bar never want partially across. Just never started. Not sure if the code previously downloaded on the 08 contained SERIN or SEROUT. The new code I was trying to download (and ultimately worked) was as basic as it gets. None the less, it's all solved.
do you mean the progress bar stops in between and you'll have to start download again? That also happened to me. Anyway... are you using codes such as SERIN that wait for a command to be received or, mroe in general, wait for something to happen before going on?

Do you all run your PICAXE chips from AA batteries or do you all use a regulated power supply? I have tried using a 9vdc/400ma power supply with a 5vdc regulator, but I seem to get variable and inconsistent results.


I make my own boards that can run from 6V-15V or more. I use a low dropout voltage regulator for less than 8V otherwise a 7805 is fine. It is important to have decoupling / filtering capacitors in your power supply to allow for spikes and noisy loads. Use a 0.1uF polyester or monolithic (ceramic) and at least 100uF electrolytics on both the regulator inputs and outputs. Since a 9V can accidently touch the contacts wrong way round during connection it's a good idea to have a diode in series to protect against reverse polarity. I'd draw you a schematic but my software is locking up since my last so called "security update" :(


Good info. Keep me posted on a schematic. By the way, what do you use to draw your schedmatics? Any special software? Thanks.

Ok, got Corel draw working again. It isn't a program designed for schematics but once you've drawn the components and set up the page right the parts just click together. Here's the schematic.


This is a general purpose regulator that will work with a plugpack or batteries. I've shown 470uF capacitors which should be fine for a 9V battery and MCU operating LEDs.

If you are running servos or other small motors on the 5V output then increase both 470uF to at least 2200uF and add an extra 0.1uF for every motor as close as possible to the motor.

OddBot- Thanks for the schematic. This helps.

Gotta love Corel Draw..

I've used 4 AAA cells (6v) unreged without issue on a couple of my paxes without issue so far. I've also run with a (7805)regulated 9v(energizer I think) cell without issue.

One thing I noted when looking at the image is that your serin isn't tied to a common ground. It's advisable to do so, as this can potentially cause inconsistant operation issues.

scratch that, didn't see the ground line at first...dang where are my glasses!

But have you used one in conjunction with a power adapter?
negative. I only use sources that I plan to use in a project which are mostly rechargable batteries. I do(okay it's really my dads) have a bench supply I think it's regulated to 5 volts or 9 volts, but I never tried it.