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PICAXE-08M Zapped?

I have a PICAXE-08M that I belive is zapped. Not sure how I would have killed it but the program editor will no longer download code to it. When I check the firmware, it see's that it is an 08M, etc. 1) Can I confirm the death of this chip for sure? 2) Is it possible to ressurect the chip?

Worth mentioning, we can eliminate the USB, program, or circuit being the point of failure since my 14M works just fine.

Thanks in advance.

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Why not prototype with the real thing? If it's going to use a 7.2 nimh, test with a 7.2 nimh.

Thats what I was saying. I mainly use 9.6v nimh rechargable cells or 9v(6xAA/AAA). Those are what I refer to as my sources.

I know. My above comment was supposed to imply that it makes perfect sense. As in, why do anything else?

There was another thread when someone tried to run a picaxe using a wall adapter. The problem was it supplied too much voltage when there wasn't a load on it. I believe it fried something, but it wasn't a picaxe. It was a servo board or motor driver that was rated for 12volts, but without a load the adapter send 14 or 16.

Edit: Found the link http://letsmakerobots.com/node/2040

When I had the 08M working I did have it overclocked to 8mhz. Although the prog editor reads 4mhz, no go.

Update. After fidgeting with a hard reset, everything seems to be back to normal. It didn't work the first time I tried a hard reset, I had to do it a few times before the editor recognized and downloaded to the chip.

All good. Thanks for the help!

This happens to be frequently when I use breadboards or my own circuits. I have to hit F5 and then connect the batter or flip the switch to provide power. I don't use my picaxe project boards much so I'm not sure if it is a problem with picaxe or my circuit. Turning it on after pressing f5 usually works after a few tries.

have you checked the battery, that could prevent it from getting proged


I've accidently connected power to a 14M around the wrong way and despite getting very warm it worked fine once I connected power the right way so these chips are pretty tough.

Did you change the internal clock frequency to 8MHz either in the options or in the last program you loaded into the chip? I've had problems before where the program editor was set wrong for my IC. Otherwise start the download with no power to the 08M and then connect the power before the program editor times out.

This is a hard reset and will ensure that the 08M is at 4MHz.