Let's Make Robots!

BoB the Biped and Me: BoB gets a 'hawk, naturally.

In general news: The Rev. B boards have been taking a tour of San Diego. Looking at the ZIP codes provided by the tracking info says they're getting closer. They might even be here tomorrow, who knows.

So with that nonsense going on I figured I might as well dig into fleshing out ole BoB here. I wanted to add more team spirit and I thought getting hair in a Mohawk style was a no-brainer, right? And in team colors, with the more modern team pallete using darker blue and neon green:


which would be a nice contrast BoB's main look which uses more of the throwback colors; sky blue and emerald green


I want to get a balanced blend of the two looks. Plus I like the newer color schemes better in general versus the weird old '70s colors of ye olde days.


Initially I went looking for fur to use but found the colors available were just not right. I remembered my experience with wrapping Hexaspider in fur yarn so I thought I would look for something along that line. I did and in the exact colors I was looking for. It's called "eyelash yarn" and looks like this in a bundle:


which looks plenty plush until you get to the single strand level:





There is also a distinct top and bottom to the yarn itself. The extensions only came out from one side of the braided yarn. I would have to be particularly careful how the yarn was applied or I could have one knappy headed little bot!

Undaunted I went at it with some cyano glue, a spare M-M jumper (it was used to hold the sting down while the glue cured), and a grip of patience. As it turns out, the metal end of a jumper was not immune to Super Glue. Not that I thought that it was. It was picked because it's thin enough to precisely pin down the length of yarn I was trying to work with and I have a million of them handy. The metal tip wanted to get stuck to the yarn with BoB when I started but after awhile it was not pulling up the yarn anymore. It turns out that usually irritating feature to CA glue worked in my favor. If you've noticed how re-gluing pieces with old dried glue is next to impossible, that characteristic kept the dab of dried glue at the end of the jumper from adhering to everything else. Without that little timesaver it would have tripled the time spent doing BoB's hair.

After many hours of the dab-hold-wait-wait-wait cycle, BoB emerged from Jacques Salon:







































Oh yes. Dramatics with break returns, we meet again....



























... and.... lol....
























Haha you are a good sport, dear reader! :) That is seven strands of green and five stands in each blue stripe. The glue didn't wick into the hairs very much so it's still got a softness to it. A bonus for the tactile experience.

I also have a couple more pieces of flair coming but still playing the waiting game. It should come out all right with enough symbols of protection to keep him safe from the zombies. Everything is still on track for completion by the first game of the season as long as USPS doesn't lose my purple bag o' PCBs.

On a related note: Even though they're trying to give my new LED circuit boards to some stranger I thought I'd preprogram the TSSOP ATtinys for the circuit. I knew they were small but they looked sooo tiny, even in my strangely schoolgirl-sized hands. So much so I took a pic of one in its DIP adapter/programmer module:


Thumb for scale. The little adapter module worked like a charm. It barely fit on the breadboard with enough room to plug into the necessary busses but it was doable. It cost a pretty penny but it's good up to 28 pins so I can manipulate FT232RLs and such if I want to. Great tool.

No videos, just craft time picutres. That is all.