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Navigate around via ultrasound

First attempt at a palm sized simple autonomous robot. Extremely basic, the Arduino turns the bot left if the Ping senses something closer than 3-4 inches away. The rear skids have quite a bit of friction so smooth surfaces only for this little guy.

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Great, simple, and Resourceful!

What's that board besides the Nano? Nice little robot, please more info about the whole thing :-) oh yeah...a video would be great!!! :-)

The red board is a SparkFun Powercell that steps up the LiPo to 5v and also charges it via USB.  The video is on this page, is it not showing up for you?

Yep, my bad. I did not launched my VPN to see the page...no youtube here in China. The voltage booster is a nice idea, especially to charge the battery. Well done!

nice build

Sweet little bot. I love the little ones like this. Part of the challenge is getting it to all to fit in such a small face. Nice build
Nice one. The tape between the servos and the sensor give it a nice angry look. You should make a swarm of these.